Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to share my thoughts and analysis with you that I can’t fit into 140 characters on Twitter. I hope you enjoy the content and remember that keeping a sense of humor is good for everyone.

Discussions are best when they are civil and respectful. Keep it clean, folks.

Please be sure to comment on any posts you find interesting. I enjoy hearing your feedback and want my readers to have a robust discussion about the topics at hand. If you would like to receive new posts directly in your inbox, please scroll to the bottom, click the Follow button and enter your email address.

I do publish interviews I have conducted with candidates for federal, state and local offices. Any candidate spotlight I publish is not, however, an endorsement of that candidate.

Besides being a writer, I am also a fledgling political consultant. If you are running for office, need assistance with your organization or would like my help with anything related to politics, please contact me at politisphere@yahoo.com for details.

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