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Saturday Debate


In 2012, former President George W. Bush declined an invitationĀ to attend theĀ Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa Florida. President Bush is certainly a polarizing figure and many breathed a sigh of relief when he neither spoke at the 2012 RNC nor campaigned for Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Do you think President Bush’s presence at the 2012 RNC would have made a difference, either negative or positive, in Romney’s Presidential campaign? Moving forward, do you think the RNC should ask President Bush to speak at the 2016 RNC and/or campaign with the next Republican nominee? Why or why not? Who would you like to see featured at the 2016 RNC?


Saturday Debate

Do you think that if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination in 2008 and subsequently the Presidency that the country would be better off today than it is under President Obama’s second term? Do you think it would be worse? Or do you think it would be about the same?