Debate: What Should Be Done About ISIS?


The terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has been in the news lately for its brutal pursuits towards establishing its goal of a caliphate (a single Islamic state based on sharia law) in Iraq and Syria. ISIS claims religious authority over all Muslims across the globe, and therefore seeks to bring Muslim regions under its direct political control. ISIS has made advances in its goal of controlling Iraq, and in June 2014 it seized control of Mosul and Tikrit.


On June 29, 2014, the leader of ISIS and its self-proclaimed caliph,  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared the establishment of a new caliphate. In July 2014, Al-Baghdadi urged Muslims to unite and capture Rome in order to own the world. On August 4, 2014, ISIS came to the town of Sinjar, forcing its Yazidi population to flee into the mountains for fear the they would be killed. That week, ISIS soldiers kidnapped 400 Yazidi women to sell as sex slaves. On August 7, 2014, ISIS took control of Qaraqosh, the largest Christian town in Iraq, warning Christians to leave, convert to Islam or die. When ISIS took over Mosul, it bombed Christian churches in that city, confiscated Christians’ property and crucified Christians who refused to cede to ISIS’ demands. ISIS is slaughtering Christians and beheading children in its effort to extinguish Christians from Iraq. ISIS’ takeover of Iraq has forced over 1 million people to flee their homes.

ISIS has distributed brochures to Muslims residing in Great Britain, urging them to join ISIS. ISIS has made propaganda videos set to music, which include images of severed heads, crucified Syrian soldiers and mass executions. ISIS also has a gift shop, selling T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with the ISIS emblem.  If that weren’t enough, ISIS soldiers and sympathizers have taken to social media to post direct threats to the United States and its citizens.

ISIS tweet

ISIS tweet 2

ISIS tweet 3

Even a New Jersey resident has flown the ISIS flag outside of his home there.

In response to an emboldened ISIS, President Obama authorized limited, targeted airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS, as well as humanitarian airdrops to Iraqi refugees. However, this has not been enough. Why has the United States not used all of its might to destroy ISIS? How should the United States handle this growing threat? What should be done about the terrorists who are posting direct threats to the United States on Twitter? How should we protect the Christians and Yazidis from these terrorists? What should be done about ISIS?


8 thoughts on “Debate: What Should Be Done About ISIS?

  1. Great responses. Here’s what I envision. First, we put on the “Big Boy” pants. Any “political correctness” gets put in it’s proper place ( the sewer ). We ACCEPT..,that the purpose of an army is to KILL, DESTROY, and DECIMATE. It’s sole purpose is to WIN. It is NOT a nation building tool..,nor a relief mission outreach. If it’s deployed, people WILL die..,property will be destroyed..,and there WILL be innocent casualties. The army will be relentless in the pursuit of it’s mission. If an enemy runs into a Mosque for safe haven..,you kill him and render the Mosque no longer usable as a sanctuary. If an enemy crosses a border..,he will be pursued.Him crossing the border, brings the war to that country..,NOT the army in hot pursuit. As for weaponry ( along with what has already been mentioned )..,I would bring back flame throwers and Napalm. These people want to die for their cause. They are fanatics. They are NOT rational. However, that being said..,they want to die quickly and without pain. They prefer a bomb or vest where it happens quickly and without any pain. A bullet also ends their lives relatively quickly. BUT..,fire is something universally feared by all manner of living things. It’s built into us. The most vicious creatures flee when confronted with fire. Even Isis with it’s training, would have a hard time “training” pure, primative instinctual fear out of it’s members
    Lastly.., “if” we go back in..,there must be 3 things accepted BEFORE we go. First, the IRAQI army is out in front of ANY American troops. WE SUPPORT..,but will NOT do any of the heavy lifting. Second..,we do not stop until the mission is completed. i.e.- ALL Isis members are dead. Third..,Iraq accepts ALL our terms or we don’t go. IF they think preserving a Mosque is more important than the lives of any Americans fired upon by someone inside the Mosque..,then we let them be. They HAVE a choice whether they wish to be free..,or live under a Caliphate. They DO NOT have a choice in what WE do or HOW we conduct a war to help them get free. If we fight..,we go all in. ANYTHING less, is a waste of lives, resources, and time.

  2. Problem as usual is we are once again reacting when all along we should have been proactive and stopped them, to late now.

    We can however, fund and supply the Kurds with everything they need, the are taking the fight to ISIS in addition cut off all funding to Nations in the Region not willing to step in,

    That’s my 2 cents

  3. We know where these people are. We also know, they have killed off what we normally deem collateral damage. What needs to be done, is a 2 month bombing campaign. Relentless sorties. MOABS, cluster bombs, white phosphorus bombs, JDAMS, Hellfire missles, and any special thermalbaric munition I missed. If we are the great Satan, then lets rain fire and brimstone upon ISIS. Cook them. Much better to elimimate them there, than for them to plan a big attack on our soil.

  4. Obama has created a scenario where Iran will most likely be the main player. We should find a way to kill their leadership. The USA created this mess, and we are responsible to clean it up.

    Saddam ruled like a mad man because he was trying to control rabid dogs, we took him out, and yes we still own this mess.

  5. Would love to see some forward thinking and clear out banks of money before they get there. Would like to see if we could freeze their assets somehow. I want to see them not get out of Syria and Iraq I am not sure if airstrikes could do this or not but would like to see that option tried more.

  6. I’d say stay the hell out of it but, it’s partly our fault for the growth of extremism there. We have to end them, completely. This is the kind of extremism that we’ve seen before only its more emboldened. I don’t want our soldiers back there honestly but we sure as hell can bomb them out of existence with our air force.

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