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Why November Matters: Obamacare


In 2010, the Democrats passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) without a single Republican vote. Obamacare mandates that all Americans, except for members of Congress, buy health insurance or pay a fine to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). President Obama and Democrat members of Congress repeated the lie “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” on multiple occasions in a pitch to promote this law during the 2012 Presidential election.

However, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted that Democrats knew that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance as a result of this law. Former Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) also knew that Obamacare was sold on a lie and is appalled at President Obama for blatantly lying to Americans. Yet Gillibrand, Frank and their colleagues voted to impose Obamacare on us.  65 million Americans could lose their employer sponsored health insurance. The law also contains 21 tax increases, including 12 increases on middle class Americans. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirms that Obamacare is a $1 trillion tax hike that Americans cannot afford.

Obamacare is more unpopular than ever. The Democrats did not seem to receive that memo.

Forcing Americans to buy health insurance that they do not want or face the wrath of the IRS does not mean that Obamacare is working. Uninsuring the insured to insure the uninsured does not mean that Obamacare is working.

We have seen the effects of this disastrous law: large companies are cutting back on hiring more workers, employers are reducing hours employees may work, employers are sending their employees to the Obamacare exchanges rather than provide them health coverage, young Americans are not signing up for the exchanges and older and sicker Americans are experiencing soaring premiums as a result, people are losing their jobs, insurance premiums are increasing across the board, etc. If this were not bad enough, Americans’ private health and financial records are becoming part of a national database. There is even hidden code in the healthcare.gov site stating that applicants have “no reasonable expectation of privacy.” Make no mistake: Obamacare is not about health care. It is about government expansion and control of its citizens, bringing us one step closer to the fundamental transformation of America. As the communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, “Medical care is the keystone in the arch of socialism.” After being instituted, no country has ever reverted from a government-run healthcare system back to a free market healthcare system. The goal of Obamacare is to take away our freedom and give it to the all powerful in Washington, DC.

We have Obamacare because in 2009 Democrats controlled the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Democrats passed Obamacare even though they knew that if we liked our health care plans we could not keep our health care plans. Many conservatives have legitimate issues with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). However, McConnell presided over a Senate minority in which every single Republican Senator voted against Obamacare. Obamacare passed because voters stayed home on election day. It is imperative that we rid Democrats of control of the Senate this November. If we let Democrats win just to teach Republicans with whom we are dissatisfied a lesson, then what we are effectively doing is sending the message that voters like Democrats and therefore Republicans need to be more moderate, pushing our country further to the left. Beating those who are fundamentally transforming America is all that matters. Democrats and only Democrats brought us Obamacare. Remember that this November.


Wednesday Debate: Where do we go from here?


Last night, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defeated his Tea Party backed primary election opponent, Matt Bevin. Senator McConnell led Bevin 60 percent to 30 percent. McConnell will now face his Democrat opponent Kentucky Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, in the general election in November. In his victory speech, Senator McConnell linked Grimes to President Obama and to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In contrast, Grimes accused McConnell of causing gridlock in Washington. Conservatives are understandably upset about McConnell’s primary victory. Many were banking on Matt Bevin becoming the next Senator Ted Cruz and hoping for a fundamental change in the composition of the Republican party. Now that McConnell has won his primary election, will you vote for him and/or support him in his fight against Alison Grimes? Why or why not?

I have heard numerous conservatives say that they will vote for and support Grimes over McConnell to send a message to the Republican establishment. They argue that supporting the Democrat opponent will force Republicans like McConnell to move further to the right. Do you think its really worth supporting a Democrat? If so, for what reasons would you support a Democrat candidate over the Republican candidate in the general election?

Saturday Debate


In 2012, former President George W. Bush declined an invitation to attend the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa Florida. President Bush is certainly a polarizing figure and many breathed a sigh of relief when he neither spoke at the 2012 RNC nor campaigned for Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Do you think President Bush’s presence at the 2012 RNC would have made a difference, either negative or positive, in Romney’s Presidential campaign? Moving forward, do you think the RNC should ask President Bush to speak at the 2016 RNC and/or campaign with the next Republican nominee? Why or why not? Who would you like to see featured at the 2016 RNC?

The Voter ID Conundrum


This week a federal judge struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law, stating that  a requirement that voters show a state-issued photo ID at the polls imposes an unfair burden on poor and minority voters. This ruling means that Wisconsin’s voter ID law has been invalidated and that people in that state will no longer be required to show an ID when they head to the polls this Fall. Democrats believe that requiring people to show a state sponsored ID at the polls will lead to voter suppression because it will place a costly burden on low income and minority voters.

How ironic is it, then, that Wisconsin residents, for example, can obtain a free ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Voter IDs are free in several other states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

Democrats like to argue that Republicans are racist for wanting  fair elections by requiring a photo ID to vote. You know what else is apparently racist? Pollution. But I digress.

Democrats clearly have a low opinion of minorities and low income citizens. The argument that minorities are too stupid to not only obtain a photo ID but to furnish a photo ID at the polls is racist, disrespectful and insulting. Requiring a free ID for voting does not in any way harm low income citizens. By railing against an ID requirement, Democrats are in essence advocating non-citizens to vote. This, coupled with their push for amnesty of illegal immigrants, is interesting and shows the transparency of Democrats’ motives. Democrats do not care about minority or low income citizens. They care about increasing their voting base. Democrats will insult minorities so that they can gain politically. People need to wake up and see how demoralizing their position is.

Being required to show a photo ID in certain circumstances is neither inconvenient nor is it oppressive. Here are 24 things for which you are required to show your state sponsored photo ID:

1. To purchase alcohol.
2. To purchase cigarettes.
3. To open a bank account.
4. To apply for food stamps. Oh, snap! No pun intended.
5. To apply for welfare.
6. To apply for Social Security.
7. To apply for a job.
8. To rent or buy a home.
9. To drive a car.
10. To get on an airplane.
11. To get married.
12. To purchase a gun.
13. To adopt a pet.
14. To rent a hotel room.
15. To apply for a hunting license.
16. To buy a cell phone.
17. To gamble in a casino.
18. To pick up a prescription.
19. To purchase certain over the counter cold medications.
20. To hold a protest.
21. To donate blood.
22. To buy an M rated video game.
23. To purchase nail polish at CVS.
24. To apply for Medicaid.

Here is a map showing how voter ID laws vary by state.


Since Democrats will beat the “requiring a voter ID is racist” drum until the cows come home, here’s an idea. How about Republicans help people obtain a state sponsored voter ID? Help people make sure they have the correct documents that are required to obtain a voter ID. Take people to the DMV so that they may obtain a voter ID. Turn the tables on the Democrats. Republicans can show citizens how much they care about preserving their right to vote by helping them obtain voter IDs.  Then maybe people will realize how low of an opinion Democrats have of them.

If You Don’t Vote, Then You Can’t Complain

This bears repeating: If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain.

What happens when people do not vote in elections? New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio happens. Only 24% of registered New York voters voted in the 2013 Mayoral election. Why didn’t Republicans vote for his opponent, Joe Lhota? Because they thought a DeBlasio landslide was inevitable. That’s pathetic.

In New Jersey, only 24% of registered New Jersey voters voted in the 2013 Senate special election, in which Cory Booker defeated Steve Lonegan.

Are you really not going to vote because you think a landslide is inevitable? A radical progressive, to the left of Fidel Castro, is now the Mayor of New York City and the former Mayor of Newark, one of the most crime ridden and corrupt cities in America, is now a Senator because of that thought process. This needs to change.

This brings me to a similar point. I often hear fellow conservatives say that they will not vote for a candidate who is not conservative enough and would rather stay home than vote for a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Let’s think about this. I admire people for standing up for their principles and I do think the country would be better off if we had more principled conservatives in Congress. However, a non vote is a vote for a Democrat. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for a Democrat. Before you all yell at me and call me a RINO lover, hear me out.

The strategy of purging RINOs in the primary elections is an admirable one. I do think that we should all fight for the candidates we want at the primary level. But, if your conservative candidate loses the primary to a RINO, do not stay home in November. You may not be crazy about the McConnells, McCains and Grahams of the Congressional world, but you should still vote for them in the general election. Why, you ask? Two words: Harry Reid. Do you really want Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader again? This is the same person who called people who were adversely affected by Obamacare liars. On the House side, I have two more words for you: Nancy Pelosi. Are you going to stay home and hand the Speakership to a person who pushed Obamacare through and continues to defend it to this day? I certainly hope not.

If neither Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi are reason enough for you to vote for a less than ideal candidate, then remember that Democrats and Democrats only brought us Obamacare. Democrats only are celebrating the fact that more Americans have become unemployed as a result of this disastrous law. Democrats only want to tax us into oblivion while spending money we don’t have, leaving our children and grandchildren saddled with mountains of debt. Democrats only are using political correctness as a weapon against our First Amendment rights. Democrats only are defending the IRS’ abusive actions against Tea Party organizations. Democrats only are clamoring for the expansion of government power and the welfare state. Democrats only believe that minorities are too stupid to be able to get an ID so that they may vote. Democrats only have repeatedly lied to us and told us that if we liked our health care plan and our doctors that we could keep them. Democrats only have given President Obama a pat on the back for intervening militarily in Libya without Congressional approval. Democrats only are trying to take away your Second Amendment rights. Democrats only celebrated voter fraud by embracing Melowese Richardson.

If you still think that Democrat victories aren’t so bad, I urge you to take a trip to Detroit, a city that has been under Democrat control since 1962.

If you still decide to stay home and not vote because either you live in a blue state and think a Democrat victory is inevitable or because the Republican candidate isn’t conservative enough, and you don’t like the direction in which our country is headed, then you can’t complain. Most states are more conservative then you might think. If you would still prefer to not vote and to remain perpetually aggrieved, then consider joining the Democrat party.  There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but there is such a thing as sitting back and refusing to participate in the voting process and allowing Democrats to further destroy our country. That is unforgivable.