Candidate Spotlight: Phillip Parrish for US Senate

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Phillip Parrish, a Republican candidate for US Senate in Minnesota.  Below please find the questions I asked Mr. Parrish followed by his responses, as well as links to where you can connect with Mr. Parrish on social media.


Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in a rural community of humble means. I became a teacher and then principal. I joined the Navy Reserve and was later commissioned as a U.S. Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer. I am married with seven children between the two of us (two adopted). I love family, the outdoors, God, my savior Jesus and our Country. I am a musician and composer and love building things.

Why do you want to be a United States Senator? Why did you decide to run for Senate this year?

As I have stated in several publications and countless conversations, the events of September 11, 2012 and other numerous events leading up to that day ignited a fire in my heart and I knew I had to do something, anything to attempt in every legal, moral and ethical way to confront and hold accountable those who are violating our constitution, liberties and God given freedoms. I have every respect for other candidates and their willingness to serve, but I say with a humble heart that due to my education and career, especially my time spent as a principal, farmer, enlisted military member and U.S. Navy Officer I have the experience, knowledge and willingness to serve as our U.S. Senator with a level of skill and integrity that reflects the true intent of what the office is meant to be.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing your constituents?

The assault on our Constitution, lawless current administration and over reach of the federal government.

What is your plan to increase job opportunities for Americans?

I would encourage investment. The United States, at present, has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world—a deplorable fact that discourages both U.S. firms and global venture capitalists from investing in American job creation. I support lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to the global average rate of 25 percent as the first step to restoring America’s competitive advantage in the 21st Century. Since Minnesota ranks among the highest in state corporate tax rates, I believe reducing the federal corporate tax rate and making the rate permanent will increase certainty for Minnesota businesses, maximize business retention and trigger a wave of international investment in the manufacturing clusters of the Twin Cities, Duluth and St. Cloud metro areas. Nationally, reducing the corporate tax rate to 25 percent will translate into 5.3 million private-sector jobs over 10 years. Please refer to

What, if anything, is your plan to replace the Affordable Care Act? What, if anything, do you find positive about the ACA as it stands now?

I recognize that free market solutions can avert the coming crises. By strengthening health savings accounts, increasing portability, enacting meaningful medical malpractice reform and allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, Congressional lawmakers can provide a new lease on life to American medicine. By mending our broken immigration system, Congress can save hospitals and taxpayers billions. I stand for replacing Obamacare with common sense, free market solutions and I advocate creating a fund to provide catastrophic care to those in financial distress. Please refer to

There is nothing positive about the ACA.

Why should people vote for you over Al Franken?

I have the experience, knowledge and willingness to serve as our U.S. Senator with a level of skill and integrity that reflects the true intent of what the office is meant to be. Al Franken has committed treason, espionage, and subversive acts against the United Sates as he is complicit in the fraud committed in ACA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and IRS actions, along with countless other lawless acts of the current administration.

Do you consider yourself a constitutional conservative or more of a moderate?

I am a constitutional conservative.

What would you like your voters to know about you?

I have the deepest respect for them. True heroes in our country are the American people who wake up every day living and breathing the American dream – standing for freedom, liberty and the Constitution. I want them to know that I will literally sacrifice my life for them, our country and the Constitution.

What do you think about the latest developments related to the Benghazi scandal? How do you think we can make sure this sort of incident never occurs again?

Benghazi is a direct result of the ill intentions of the current administration and State Department. The current investigation lead by Trey Gowdy is imperative. It must expose the ideology of current administration and State Department–an ideology routed in a willingness to believe that by coddling people who state repeatedly that they want to destroy us can be changed or they are simply misunderstood. We must expose the truth about Islam – Sharia is not a religion as we understand the word – it is a form of government. The false narrative exploiting “religious freedom” was and is a premeditated information warfare campaign intended to exploit the very nature and character of Christians and our Constitution. To support Islam, those who follow Sharia have to support the institution of another form of government which is in direct conflict with our Constitution, liberties, and God given freedom. To support Islam, those who follow Sharia have to commit treason, espionage and subversive acts against America. We as Americans and those of us who have taken an oath of office should not hesitate to use every legal means to convict all who have and do participate in the support of Islam and Sharia. We must do a better job of articulating to the public how Sharia–a political governance movement–exploits, manipulates, and coerces to deceive and cause harm.

Do you support the formation of the Benghazi Select Committee?


What are your thoughts on the IRS targeting of conservative groups? How do you think Congress should hold those responsible for this targeting accountable?

The IRS targeting of conservative groups was a premeditated and orchestrated initiative by the current administration. It is not conspiracy; we must help others see that it really has been going on. Too many people do not want to believe that things have regressed that far; therefore, they don’t believe it is true. We must adopt the Fair Tax legislation and abolish the IRS. We must act now to enact congressional term limits to accomplish this change.

Do you think our immigration system needs to be reformed or do you think the reform should consist of enforcing our current immigration laws? How would you propose that we reform our immigration system?

Congress has failed in its responsibility to secure our borders.  I oppose blanket amnesty for those in America illegally.  I believe that enforcing current laws and cutting federal funding to “sanctuary cities” are the first two steps Congress should take in the quest to mend our broken immigration system.

The United States is a republic of laws.  Our republic has always embraced immigrants; and, italways will!  But, at present, our immigration system is in shambles, and the rule of law that maintains our liberties and preserves our God-given rights is under assault.

As an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, I recognize that maintaining a vigilant posture in the post-9/11 era is critical to safeguarding this Republic.   Modernizing our border security efforts to include a biometric-check system and 24-hour drone surveillance remains the best deterrence for the infiltration activities of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, whose operatives have crossed the Atlantic to collude with drug Cartels in Mexico.

As a lawmaker on Capitol Hill, I will work tirelessly to ensure that adequate appropriations for drone maintenance and equipment upgrades for those standing guard remain a priority. Achieving and maintaining complete control and situational awareness of the southern border is the best way to stem the tide of illegal immigration that is costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in welfare and healthcare subsidies.

I oppose providing federal benefits to those here illegally and I support the expedited deportation of illegal immigrants with criminal records.  I support 10th Amendment protected local solutions to illegal immigration and I believe English should be America’s official language.

As an advocate for improving the potential for high-paying jobs in Minnesota, I recognize that Congress should concentrate on expanding the annual outlay of H-1B Visas from 65,000 to 130,000 in an effort to attract the best and brightest of the world’s high-skilled labor to energize America’s economic outlook. Please refer to

How can people best help your campaign?

Go to the website and get involved.

Connect with Phillip Parrish



Campaign Website:

Minnesotans, please remember to vote in this primary election on August 12, 2014!





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