Upcoming Primary: Nebraska US Senate Tuesday, May 13

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Nebraskans will be voting in several primary elections, including those for Congress. We will focus on the US Senate primary.  Republican Senator Mike Johanns is not seeking reelection this year.

Here is a list of Republicans running for this seat, along with their respective websites:

Sid Dinsdale http://www.sidforsenate.com/

Clifton R. Johnson http://cliftonjohnson.vpweb.com/

Bart McLeay http://www.bartmcleay.com/

Shane Osborn http://www.shaneosborn.com/

Ben Sasse https://www.sassefornebraska.com/

The Democrat running for this seat is:

Dave Domina http://www.davedomina.com/

On the Republican side, this will be an interesting primary to watch because it has caused a division between national and local tea party groups. In one corner is Ben Sasse, President of Midland University.


Sasse has been endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund, FreedomWorks, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). In the other corner is Shane Osborn, former Nebraska State Treasurer and U.S. Navy veteran.


FreedomWorks originally endorsed Osborn, but, in an unprecedented move, switched their endorsement to Sasse. Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, stated that Osborn had “formed allegiances with Mitch McConnell and the K Street lobbying class” that signaled a “progression away from the grass roots.” However, 52 Nebraska tea party groups objected to the involvement of national tea party groups in this primary. The winner of this primary is expected to be victorious in November.

Nebraskans, please remember to vote in this primary on Tuesday, May 13, 2014!


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