The Voter ID Conundrum


This week a federal judge struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law, stating that  a requirement that voters show a state-issued photo ID at the polls imposes an unfair burden on poor and minority voters. This ruling means that Wisconsin’s voter ID law has been invalidated and that people in that state will no longer be required to show an ID when they head to the polls this Fall. Democrats believe that requiring people to show a state sponsored ID at the polls will lead to voter suppression because it will place a costly burden on low income and minority voters.

How ironic is it, then, that Wisconsin residents, for example, can obtain a free ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Voter IDs are free in several other states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

Democrats like to argue that Republicans are racist for wanting  fair elections by requiring a photo ID to vote. You know what else is apparently racist? Pollution. But I digress.

Democrats clearly have a low opinion of minorities and low income citizens. The argument that minorities are too stupid to not only obtain a photo ID but to furnish a photo ID at the polls is racist, disrespectful and insulting. Requiring a free ID for voting does not in any way harm low income citizens. By railing against an ID requirement, Democrats are in essence advocating non-citizens to vote. This, coupled with their push for amnesty of illegal immigrants, is interesting and shows the transparency of Democrats’ motives. Democrats do not care about minority or low income citizens. They care about increasing their voting base. Democrats will insult minorities so that they can gain politically. People need to wake up and see how demoralizing their position is.

Being required to show a photo ID in certain circumstances is neither inconvenient nor is it oppressive. Here are 24 things for which you are required to show your state sponsored photo ID:

1. To purchase alcohol.
2. To purchase cigarettes.
3. To open a bank account.
4. To apply for food stamps. Oh, snap! No pun intended.
5. To apply for welfare.
6. To apply for Social Security.
7. To apply for a job.
8. To rent or buy a home.
9. To drive a car.
10. To get on an airplane.
11. To get married.
12. To purchase a gun.
13. To adopt a pet.
14. To rent a hotel room.
15. To apply for a hunting license.
16. To buy a cell phone.
17. To gamble in a casino.
18. To pick up a prescription.
19. To purchase certain over the counter cold medications.
20. To hold a protest.
21. To donate blood.
22. To buy an M rated video game.
23. To purchase nail polish at CVS.
24. To apply for Medicaid.

Here is a map showing how voter ID laws vary by state.


Since Democrats will beat the “requiring a voter ID is racist” drum until the cows come home, here’s an idea. How about Republicans help people obtain a state sponsored voter ID? Help people make sure they have the correct documents that are required to obtain a voter ID. Take people to the DMV so that they may obtain a voter ID. Turn the tables on the Democrats. Republicans can show citizens how much they care about preserving their right to vote by helping them obtain voter IDs.  Then maybe people will realize how low of an opinion Democrats have of them.

8 thoughts on “The Voter ID Conundrum

  1. Alexis, excellent piece! I’ll add 2 to your list.. 25. To write a check . The kicker..
    26.To receive care thru exchanges or Obama(not)Care. Your suggestion to Republicans to help people obtain a state sponsored voter ID is genius. You Do have to register to vote. Another thought is combine it with DMV, make voter photo ID free and most people on welfare are eligible for free transportation..take them to get free voter photo ID!

  2. I wonder if one could use the Democrat’s argument, that such laws impose burdensome costs, against them when talking about economic regulations? After all they impose costs much more burdensome than that of obtaining IDs. Alas, I doubt any of them are principled enough for that.

  3. It’s appalling when you think of and then see in print all the things that ID is required for. Each and every time a democrat mentions racism when asked about voter ID, they should be immediately confronted with any one or all of the established requirements for an ID. This is absolute madness, there should be no discussion about this. The state of Maine just implemented photo ID for their EBT card recipients and from reports so far, things seem to be going smoothly. In my opinion Maine should now be the next to require photo ID for voting as it seems all will have ID in the state, rich, poor, black or white.

  4. voter ID whining by liberals is among the stupider things they cry about.

    Mexico – yes with all the poor Mexicans – has Voter ID. South Africa has voter ID, which Nelson Mandela promoted “be sure to bring your ID”. Obama supported Voter ID in Kenya. Allen West calls the libtard cry that minorities can’t get ID “soft racism”.

    You need an ID for Section 8 housing, Food stamps, (basically all govt assistance), movie theaters, alcohol, cigarettes, renting a movie, driving a car, getting a job, etc, etc., etc.

    It should be the goal of everyone in every form of democracy (ours is a Constitutional Republic) to ensure honest elections that reflect the voted will “of the people”. An ID is a **bare minimum** to that end, IMO. Undue burden? Bravo Sierra! If you can’t be bothered to get an ID, you shouldn’t bother the rest of us with your vote.

    Utter tripe!

  5. The real reason of course is that the dems can’t win without cheating.
    We all know that’s true and voter ID would make it much more difficult to cheat. The good people of Wisconsin should raise hell about this decision..

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