Thursday Debate

If you had the power to eliminate one federal agency from the list below, which agency would you eliminate? Why would you eliminate this agency? Would you replace the eliminated agency with something else?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Education (DOE)
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

9 thoughts on “Thursday Debate

  1. Because of Common core, the Dept of Education is now the first agency that I believe needs to go. If only Reagan had succeeded…

  2. Now that the death star has been created through the IRS, it would have to go 1st, and even from a political sense it’s the easiest to argue against right now. Dems love to use taxes a tool for demagoguery, so it would be a fight!

    The others just need to be cut 90% and as mentioned, have their Storm Troopers outlawed.

  3. I’d start with the DOE, they have successfully been enable to indoctrinate kids in a closed environment with liberalism by rewriting history and distorting facts with their opinions.

    Replacement, not needed, give the education system back to the States, some out of the 50 will get it right (Or in Obama’s world some of the 57)

    It’s most important to reach the kids before they are brainwashed,the rest of the choices need addressing too, but let’s start with the minds of the future 🇺🇸

  4. I would first take the guns and ammunition from all of them, our Milatary and police force should be our protectors. If these agencies need weapons, than there is Somthing wrong with the system, we have laws, no need for force to push their positions on Americans. I’d like to see the IRS eliminated and replaced by a consumption tax.

    1. I’m all for smaller government, but you’d take the guns from ICE and DEA? That hardly seems practical. And who would be responsible for enforcing your consumption tax law if not the IRS? See the problem isn’t that all these agencies exist. The problem is that within each of these agencies you have 10 people doing the exact same thing when you only need one person for the job.

  5. I’d dump the IRS, homeland security except for border patrol, ATF, DEA, DOE, and the EPA. I’d keep ICE. Much of this authority should rest with the states.

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