Monday Debate: Amnesty

The Democrats are clamoring for Congress to pass S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, or as I like to call it, the Amnesty Bill. Sponsored by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the bill was written by Schumer and the Gang of Eight Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ).


The bill would essentially legalize all 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States and make it easier for illegal aliens who have been deported but have family members residing in the United States to gain reentry. In addition, the bill would not first secure the border.

How do you think we should fix our “broken” immigration system?
Do you think our immigration system needs to be fixed?
Is there anything positive about this bill?
How would you propose we better secure our southern border?

Democrats seem to like comprehensive bills: this bill, the Affordable Care Act and the Justice for All bill. Democrats argue that our “broken” immigration system needs to be reformed. Democrats also thought that our health care system needed an overhaul and look at how that turned out.

10 thoughts on “Monday Debate: Amnesty

  1. We are in the stage where the Ruling Party will throw up anything to divert the voters’ attention from the “real” issues, like government overreach, to preserve their positions of power. It will get worse as we get closer to the election. Look for the 2014 Omnibus Free Teddy Bear and Unicorn bill that will be passed by the Dems in the Senate so they can say conservatives oppose Teddy Bears and Unicorns.

  2. Bottom line, is that it’s the bottom line. White America has not reproduced enough worker bees to pay for our retirement, so Paul Ryan wants to import Mexicans to work for us.

    Democrats what to flip the demographics to their favor.

    We ship our manufacturing jobs to them, and the ship day worker to us.

    What a deal….

    These people are not Americans, we should negotiate with MX, to see if we can send them back their poverty for lets say NM or something.

  3. It’s amazing that they continue along this path, to allow those who have cheated the system, an easy way in. Seems to me that the plan back in the ’80s backfired, yet they’re willing to use it again.

    Solutions… I’m not sure I see any good solutions being brought forward… I rather like the idea, and implementation of a secure boarder (fences, armed security (including drones), maybe even a moat), but want to see several in-depth proposals drawn up…

    Can we find a solution that might not include deportation, maybe, but since they cheated, why should we suddenly give them a pass?

    I know it can be solved, and the solutions will make a lot of people on the left angry, but it has to be done.

    It’s all a question of honor, ethics, and respect.

    Random thoughts… I’m still forming some solid thoughts on the subject.

  4. Everything should be put on hold until the borders are secured and verifyed secure for at least 2 years. While that is going on enforce the laws that exist. When things settle down rework the Legal immigration process so that it’s not so cumbersome.

    1. The US has the easiest immigration process. Try immigrating to Australia at age 55. You will be rejected because they have an age limit so immigrants are not burdens to the citizens. Even Canada significantly restricts immigration even to Americans.

  5. Democrats so keen on stating “it’s the law” re: Obamacare, selectly forgot that thtye defunded “the law” that authorized the Border fence. They could “fix” that by funding it. They could enforce exisitng immigration laws. They could recind ICE memo’s directing agents to give a “free pass” to illegals caught with children. We could stop funding welfare ads in Mexico.

    Border security isn’t about race or ethnicity. It’s about security, sovereignty and government meeting it’s first obligation: protecting its citizens. It is well documented that gangs regularly cross our border. These gangs have multi-national drug cartel ties. They illegally traffic narcotics and firearms into the U.S. (despte the Obama admin’s feeble efforts to paint guns flowing from the U.S. to Mexico viz-a-viz Fast & Furious, the opposite is usually true. It may be augmented by the occasional U.S. purchase, but why do that when you can buy from black market arms dealers at a discount vs retail purchases + middle man costs? Why do that when you can hire a gunsmith armorer & pay him to live comfortably in Mexico while he makes you full auto AK-47s?). It is also documented and confirmed via video interviews with Congress that we have caught and have intel that Middle Eastern terrorists have crossed our southern border disguised as Latin Americans. Hundreds of U.S. citizens and thousands of Mexican citizens have been killed by these thugs. It is documented fact that the U.S. trained Los Zetas – Mexican govt commandos that turned traitor and now work for the cartels. Oops!

    This is just security issues. We haven’t even begun talking about the financial impact in terms of social services, hospital costs, ER costs, subsidies for free Obamacare, free school lunch costs, section 8 housing costs, STAMP benefit costs, SSI, Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment costs, and so on.

    Then there are the millions of legal immigrants that have gone through or are going through the process the right way. Allowing 11 miliion illegals to jump in line says what to them and future potential immigrants? Screw the system? I’ll just show up and Democrats will hand me everything free? How long can that last?

    Then, let’s not forget that 11 million illegals won’t end with 11 million. The last time we did this, it was supposed to 4 million illegals and ended up being something like 12 million once their families were joined with them. After all, “laws keeping family torn apart are injust and immoral”, right? We **have** to let the family members in – in addition to the 11 million, right? What happens to our “budget” and expenditures when 11 million becomes 44 million over the next 5-10 years?

    Who’s gonna pay for the “right thing to do”? The Chinese? Maybe we should ask Harry Reid and Clive Bundy…

  6. This bill is wrong. I won’t agree to any form of immigration reform until borders are closed and laws enforced. At that point some if us might be open to some compromises but not some of things this bill reportedly gives these criminal aliens.

    1. Ronald Reagan compromised America’s sovereignty and rule of law in 1986. 800,000 illegally entered the next year just waiting for the next amnesty. When you reward illegal behavior, more illegal behavior results. Congress and the federal employees swear an oath to uphold our Constitution and laws. Failure to do so much result in removal from office and paragraph 3 of the 14th Amendment provides the means to do so. It’s long past time We The People utilize the Constitutional provision.

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