Saturday Debate

Do you think that if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination in 2008 and subsequently the Presidency that the country would be better off today than it is under President Obama’s second term? Do you think it would be worse? Or do you think it would be about the same?


4 thoughts on “Saturday Debate

  1. Although I think she is power hungry and has many of the same beliefs as this president, I don’t think she would have been stupid enough to have chosen Eric Holder as AG. However, that being said, she is a liar, so that makes them pretty much equal on many counts. Help us if she is elected in 2016! She is not trustworthy – let’s not forget the comment on Benghazi: “What does it matter?”

  2. They both have the same Ideology and beliefs, she might not have so bold but I think we’d still up where we are today. Screwed !!!

  3. Wow, what a question! In my opinion, it’s a lose, lose. Hillary is a greedy, power hungry, lying, rotten person. BUT, I don’t think she hates our country like Obama does. Would we be better off with Hillary? Yes probably… some ways.

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