Defenders of Women: The Sarah Palin Edition

Have you heard that Republicans are waging a war on women? Apparently we refuse to pay women the same salary as their male counterparts, we don’t want women to have access to birth control and well, frankly, we think a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Yes, we Republicans really must hate women. See what I mean?


This too


Yes we Republicans are so vile that we go around wearing T shirts that call Governor Sarah Palin such a disgusting word that its not even worthy of discussion. We go beyond slinging mud at women like Governor Palin by spewing vitriol at her, calling her a moron, a loose cannon and saying that she belongs in her rightful place on the tundra.

Yup, that’s us.

Oh wait, my mistake. Its not Republicans waging a war against this woman. Its Democrats.

Am I, a women’s college graduate, really going to the mat for Governor Palin? You betcha.

6 thoughts on “Defenders of Women: The Sarah Palin Edition

  1. Anyone under attack by the Dems should wear it as a badge of honor. The more they feel threatened, the more they lash out. I personally think this “war on women” is gearing up to guilt people into voting for Hillary and will be used just as the race card was used to guilt people into voting for O. They know the race card is played out and will no longer be useful by the next election. So, here comes the WOW card!

  2. Mediocrities cannot stand smart women who are also funny, outspoken and attractive. They call her c–t, while subconsciously salivating think M–F

  3. Agreed, Dems are guilty of everything they accuse people of, and when you point it out, they get in your face and double down on their hypocrisy!

    Dems have no principles, the are a coalition of political groups, so now that women have made much progress, they have to lie to hold their coalition together.

    Where can that end but an utterly Orwellian state where the truth cannot exist!

  4. Funny how Republicans get accused and blamed for what Democrats are Actually Guilty of. Nope, it’s NOT Funny. Democrats are Patetic when it comes to Honesty, true values and actually caring for the Better Good of All Americans, They Only put on a show and that show has been overplayed and over Hyped,

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